12 from 2012

6-10-12 Lupine jack-david

Me and my boy Jack (8) photographing Lupine in Acadia

It’s that time again. Time to reflect on another year spent making photographs and telling stories about family, friends and the landscape here in Maine. As always, during the past twelve months I had the good fortune to be able to spend some quality family time enjoying Acadia National Park, but we also got ourselves a new puppy this winter. I mention this because as regular readers of this blog will know, the puppy has absolutely captured our hearts (and time), and I haven’t been out with the camera much since the fall.

Much of my photography activity this year was spent exploring and experimenting with black and white imagery, though for this post, I’m only going to include twelve of my favorite color photographs. Maybe I’ll do another favorites post after the turn of the year, this time with black and whites only.

* I added the black and white favorites from 2012 post here: https://storiesfromhome.wordpress.com/2013/01/14/i-fell-in-love/

Anyhoo… if interested in seeing more of my work, check out my “official” site at Acadia and Beyond. Thanks to all of you who spent time reading and commenting here on the blog this past year. I’ve enjoyed “getting to know you” and look forward to what will hopefully be a peaceful and safe 2013. Happy holidays to you and yours, and best wishes for a wonderful New Year!


An icy morning spent at Otter Cliffs in Acadia National Park


Frigid temperatures in Acadia

3-4-12 Acadia (7)

Acadia wave and shoreline

5-6-12 Schoodic 5

Schoodic – the quieter part of Acadia National Park

3-9-12 Portland Head (1)

Portland Head Light pre-dawn as a storm moves through

6-10-12 Lupine 4

June Lupine in Acadia National Park

8-22-12 acadia at night3

The night sky from Sand Beach, Acadia National Park

3-4-12 Acadia(15)

Stormy morning at Otter Cliffs, Acadia National Park

8-21-12 schoodic c

Raven’s Nest sunset on the Schoodic Penninsula, Acadia National Park

10-15-12 Acadia1 (650px high)

Otter Cliffs sunrise, Acadia National Park

10-21-12 Acadia1

Fall sunrise from the summit of Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park

12-15-12 Oliver at Green Acres 1

And finally, our baby… Oliver


46 thoughts on “12 from 2012

  1. Thank you for the beautiful gift of your photography, such a lovely way to end the year. We are so happy to have found your blog, and look forward to more beauty in 2013. All the best to you and your family.

  2. This post reminds me that it was just over a year ago that I became introduced to your blog. I’ve enjoyed your photographs so much over the course of this year, and even more so now that I’m no longer living in Bar Harbor. Thank you for a wonderful year in photographs and stories. Happy Holidays to you and yours David!

    • David Patterson

      Carol… you are very welcome, and thank you for sharing your blog from Acadia this past year too. I always looked forward to your posts and your wonderful photographs. Happy holidays.

  3. I think I may have been with you through the entire year, David…they were all familiar to my adoring eyes (except the last of your pup)…it has been such a pleasure, truly, visiting with you through the year…thank you for sharing as you do. 🙂

    • David Patterson

      Thanks for stopping by Chris. Jim does such a great job with this project. I always enjoy participating. There is some awesome work on display again this year, so I’m sure you will have plenty to keep you busy over the next few days!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind words. Otter Cliffs is my favorite place to be (and photograph), so it was great to be there with good light.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Tim. I always look forward to this wonderful curation project by Jim. I always appreciate the opportunity to check out the really impressive work on display. I’m working on my black and white favorites post… just as with your wonderful work, some of my favorite images from 2012 ended up in that medium. Stay tuned!

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