12-15-12 Oliver at Green Acres 1

We don’t have a fenced in yard (yet), so until Oliver learns to come back to us when called, we’ll be reluctant to let him off the leash to run wild. Luckily, the place where he goes to puppy school has a large fenced in outdoor play area – and he’s always welcome to roam there.Β Green Acres Kennel has a very positive reputation for caring for animals, and based on our experiences to date, that badge is more than warranted. Friendly and knowledgeable staff are always willing to answer any questions we have (and we have lots!), and everyone seems genuinely happy to see Oliver when he visits. This was his first time off the leash and able to run, and boy did he take advantage of it! No surprise since he’s a retriever, but he really does enjoy chasing down a tennis ball and returning it to us so we can throw it again (and again). He seemed so happy exploring every inch of the large play area, though if we ever got too far away from him, he would come bounding across the yard looking for love (and a treat). What a great spot. Thanks Green Acres… we’ll definitely be back!

12-15-12 Oliver at Green Acres 8


11 thoughts on “Freedom…

  1. Shelley

    I love these photos….I have to say, your little Oliver must really be related to my 7 year old Rufus. Sir Rufus has “played” tennis since he could carry a ball – he often carries two with him on his daily outings. I couldn’t love him more…Must be how you feel about Oliver. I am so glad I found your blog,

    Happy Holidays.


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