Happy Graduation



A quick post here about a recent event we are especially proud of. Sam graduated from Bowdoin College on Memorial Day weekend, and we could not be any more proud of him. The rain stayed away and despite some cool temperatures, the outdoor graduation went off without a hitch. Bowdoin College has been an exceptional four-year experience for Sam, and we are proud to be able to call him a Polar Bear.

It really does seem like only yesterday when we were dropping him off as a freshman, but it’s already been four years, and a lot has happened since. Ignore the cancery old man on the right, and admire the happy and gorgeous rest of the family to the left.

Can you guess which one is Sam? None of us know where he gets the tall genes, but he’s always been a big (and kind, and smart, and athletic, and genuinely nice) boy. Jack (10) is growing up too, and if he follows in Sam’s footsteps even slightly (and he has already started), then we’ll all be thrilled. The two of them are exceptionally tight as siblings, and we love to see them interact. Sam’s going to be home for the summer before heading off to work in NYC, so we’ll all have some time together – that’ll be good.

My lovely, lovely Lori… what can I say? She is the most caring and loving mother and wife that one could ever imagine. She is so strong in times of adversity, and she always knows what to do and say at the right moment to make you feel safe and loved. Obviously the boys benefit tremendously from this, but so do I.

Happy Graduation!

19 thoughts on “Happy Graduation

  1. I love it when parents unambiguously praise their children. Having a family and being a Dad is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thanks for sharing your joy.

  2. David, wonderful tribute to your family. A hearty congrats to Sam. I’ll do some research on the Polar Bears! Hard to ignore the bald man on the right. Good thing he has a keen eye and a photographer’s touch. Blessings to all.

  3. Congratulations David. This is a big moment for mom and dad, too. We missed our daughter’s grad from college due to being stationed overseas, but we were able to come for senior recital (she’s a violinist), just a month or two before. Our son’s grad was a lot of fun too – we were so proud of our kids both times. I know you feel this way too. This is a wonderful, warm, real photo!

  4. Congrat’s to all and thankyou for sharing this moment. You are very inspiring and to put a face to the lucky family you have is a gift to your readers. Many blessings to you…………………….Gayle

  5. David, Congrats to your wonderful family and especially Sam. Sam good luck in NYC. It is great to see the whole family and all smiles around. David hang in there it is really good to see you too. Kat

  6. Argy Nestor

    Our kids graduations from college are BIG moments for the entire family. I am happy to see and hear about the big day! Wonderful blog post and Congratulations to all of you!

  7. Sean

    The entire family looks pretty great and fantastic to me! I see a lot of love there! Awesome! Take Care and congratulations!

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