I fell in love…



…with black and white photography in 2012. No matter the season, visitors to Acadia National Park are treated to an array of earthy colors, colors that I too am drawn to photograph as often as I can. I appreciate the deep blue skies of a long Maine winter, the lush greens of a springtime which seems to take forever to arrive, and the vibrant and rich fall foliage colors signaling the return of the cold. So… why black and white? First of all, I believe that Acadia can match any national park in the country with the beauty of its landscape, and to be honest I don’t really have an answer to that question. Perhaps it’s the simplicity that removing pretty colors brings, or the mystery offered by deep, dark shadows? I haven’t quite mulled that thought around long enough to be able to offer an especially articulate response, but there’s one thing I do know… I love to photograph Acadia in black and white. All made in 2012, here’s a set of my favorite black and white photographs from Acadia National Park. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these…













35 thoughts on “I fell in love…

  1. Andrew Thomas

    Super series David, I especially like those dark shadows in the lighthouse image (but I know Debbie would say “Its too dark” ! )…..and like you, I’m being drawn more and more into the dark world!
    cheers Andrew

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Fred… I’m learning more and more about black and white photography, though one thing I’m positive about… I like it!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Bill. I never did spent any time in a physical darkroom, and to be honest, it’s not something I think I would enjoy.

  2. Sean

    Your images are simply spectacular !! Hope Oliver is well!, enjoying watching him grow. I’m on holiday, so I’m missing my pup at home. We are actually in Ireland for a week!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Sean. Oliver is doing great and looking forward to more snow. I knew you were heading toward Ireland sometime around now… hope the weather is playing nice for you, and that you are having a great time.

  3. David, you demonstrate a strong love here….!
    Now I have been sitting looking at all these amazing black and white photos for some time – and it’s just COMPLETELY impossible to choose one or a few of them as “best” …. This collection is a unique evidence of how strongly black-and-white photos can stand. And of how much I neglect to use this technique ………

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Truels. Lately I am drawn to compositions that I think will be better suited to black and white conversion. Fun stuff!

  4. All are masterpieces David, love your work. Would really like to know more about the “how” of these images: I’m guessing a neutral density filter? And post processed in…?? Keep them coming. Thanks, Ed

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Ed. I’m usually in these places pretty early when the light is low and I need to keep the shutter open for anywhere from half a second to 30 seconds or more. I actually like to set the camera on bulb mode and then experiment with a variety of exposure lengths. In the field, I usually bracket about a stop either side of what the camera thinks is a good exposure, and when I get back to the computer I then do a simple gradient blend for dynamic range using Photoshop (instead of a graduated neutral density filter on location). The black and whites are then processed using Nik’s Silver Efex. I created a pre-set so that I might have some consistency with processing, though that’s just a starting point since I always tweak each image as needed.

  5. These are spectacular and your images are among the best I’ve seen anywhere (color AND b&w). I love Acadia and Maine in general and you really capture what makes it so special. Just beautiful!

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