12-30-13 oliver17 BW

On our regular walk to the golf course, Oliver and I always pass a large stand of pine trees located opposite a graveyard. Depending on the time of day, the light, and the current season, these trees present a variety of interesting opportunities for photographic compositions. The sun had already set when I took the camera out one last time on this particular walk – I set the shutter speed to half a second, and started moving the camera up and down through the scene. I knew that the strong lines of the trees would contrast well with the cool carpet of snow that covered the ground, and it only took me a couple of tries to get something I liked. As twilight washed over the scene, I feel as though the low level of light combined with the dark tree trunks made for a ghostly impression.

12-30-13 oliver17

Before and after…


10-17-13 Foliage5

…from a pretty scene along the road. Above is a scene that I stopped and pulled over to photograph, and below is a version of that same scene where I dragged the camera vertically through the scene while keeping the shutter open. The resulting image is primarily impacted by the length of time the shutter is open, and the path through which you move the camera… in this case I believe that the shutter was left open for a total of half a second. As you can see, the shapes, colors and lines all blur together to create a rather impressionistic image, and in this case, I figured that some of you might be interested in the before and after.

10-17-13 Foliage6

Making a new impression


4-12-13 gcblur1

Regular followers of my blog will know that I have this strange affinity for impressionistic images created when the camera is moved while the shutter is open. I haven’t actually done any of these for a while, but this morning while out on the golf course walking with Oliver I came across this little stand of trees that just cried out to me. The sun had just crested the horizon, and the warm, golden light that bathed the scene was quite remarkable. Normal… and then blurred… so you can see the before and after. And then I’m including a few more examples of this type of photograph. I love how the colors and shapes bleed together yet still present a hint of reality, and when printed large on canvas the textures really add another dimension.

4-12-13 gcblur2

Some more…

4-12-13 acadia birches

4-12-13 bangor forest 1

4-12-13 bangor forest fire

4-12-13 cadillac sunrise

4-12-13 bassharborblur

On a roll…


…with the impressions. Apologies if I’m boring anyone, but the camera didn’t come out of the bag much on our summer vacation – other than when I saw some nice light and shapes like here. This is my last one staying in this genre for a while – we’ll resume our regularly scheduled programming shortly 🙂

Trees on Fire


Incredibly warm sunset light momentarily bathed a stand of pine trees on the Bass Harbor property we had rented for vacation, and I couldn’t resist grabbing the camera and doing my artsy thing. The good light didn’t last long, but I managed to make a couple of frames that I liked before the sun dipped below the horizon. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but this type of image floats my boat. I’m thinking of getting a couple of them printed big on canvas, since the textures, shapes and colors would seem to lend themselves well to that medium.

Hartwood dusk


So… there I was… standing in the long grass after dusk getting chomped on by what seemed like a million, monster-sized mosquitoes – at least it felt that way as their appetite for my blood seemed monstrous! Peering through a stand of tall trees, I admired how the deep blues of twilight were reflecting off what was a very calm stretch of the Atlantic Ocean leading into and out of Bass Harbor. I set my shutter speed to 0.5 seconds, and then purposefully moved my camera up and down in attempt to capture the distinctive shapes and colors that had caught my eye. I kinda like this… what do you think?

Goodbye to Summer


Summer is almost over around these parts. Preseason soccer for the high school team I coach is in full swing, and as a family we are scanning the calendar for a last few open dates when we might be able to schedule some fun activities together. Sam will be heading back to college this week, plus Lori and Jack’s first day of school isn’t that far away either. It’s a bittersweet time of the year… we are all excited about the fall and what it will bring, but we are also saying goodbye to what has been an incredible summer. Here’s one of my swooshy, artsy impressions made by moving the camera through the scene while the shutter is left open.