Puppy Dog Eyes…


* I originally had this post scheduled to publish on Saturday, but with the incredibly sad news from Connecticut, I didn’t feel it was appropriate to even be thinking about something as silly as blogging and posting pictures of my dog. Rocked to the core by the horrific events which recently unfolded in Newtown, CT, we figured it would be best if Jack (8) heard about what happened from us rather than from another kid at school, so we’ve been trying to explain to him how something so terrible could ever have occurred. In doing so, we all turned inward to each other for support, and I think we have found that reinforcing the love we share is the best way forward. With that in mind, and not wishing to trivialize the saddest of days, here’s another post that hopefully shows a little bit of what is helping us cope with the darkest and scariest of news.


Now I understand where the phrase “Puppy Dog Eyes” comes from! Here’s my first foray into making Oliver photographs outside. He has thoroughly enjoyed the light layer of snow that we’ve had for the past couple of days, though as you can see, his blanket of soft whiteness which had been hiding all sorts of good stuff to explore has almost melted away. Chunks of ice taste pretty good too though, and Oliver needn’t worry, methinks we’ll be getting plenty more snow here in Maine this winter.


We haven’t had him off the leash while outside yet (other than on our enclosed front porch), so it’s kind of difficult to get a decent photograph of him without the leash being in it. I’ve become accustomed to photographing him on the kitchen floor where there isn’t a lot of light, and because of that, compositional choices are quite limited and images can turn out pretty grainy. Outside in the front yard though, natural late afternoon light makes for a much better portrait, not that this handsome kid with his puppy dog eyes needs good light to look good!



16 thoughts on “Puppy Dog Eyes…

  1. Sean

    Hi David,
    I have really enjoyed your recent posts with Oliver! Very nice puppy! You images are great!I have a 10 month old pup and its amazing how attached I have gotten and how they become the center of our lives. I wish you many happy years with him!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Sean. I too am amazed at how quickly this little guy has worked his way into our lives. He’s a lot of work, but worth every minute!

  2. I’m sure with your thoughtful consideration of words you spoke to Jack in a way that makes him aware of the times in which we live, yet left him the happy confident boy you capture in your photographs.
    I only publish my blog once a week on Wednesday and I have put aside my intended topic and am struggling with what to say.
    Having said that, “digest” those puppy dog eyes for they are precious, and while Oliver will grow into a handsome hunk of dog, the puppy dog eyes will soon be gone.
    Peace to you and yours.

  3. I remember how hard it was to send my very young kids back to school after the Columbine shootings here (we live in a different Denver suburb, but still pretty close). I couldn’t promise that everything would be okay. I explained that this is why we say “I love you” when we part ways, so that if something happens to one of us, there was never a question. Oddly enough, it seemed to help. They felt like they were going to school, armed with love. I see that Oliver is part of your family’s “love shield.” Keep up the good work.

  4. Oh my goodness. I am just falling over backwards with these adorable shots of Oliver! Especially the one where he is licking snow off the ground!!!

    You are so right about his puppy-dog-eyes. I wouldn’t be able to resist sneaking him treats all day long.


  5. Shelley

    I just found your blog – and your adorable puppy, Oliver. I will look forward to watching him grow through your amazing photos. I wonder if you saw the golden “comfort dogs” that recently arrived in Newton – brings a tear or two.

    Thanks for this gift – Happy Holidays.

    Shelley, from Calgary….owner of 7 year old Rufus (Oliver’s older cousin).

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