Happy Graduation



A quick post here about a recent event we are especially proud of. Sam graduated from Bowdoin College on Memorial Day weekend, and we could not be any more proud of him. The rain stayed away and despite some cool temperatures, the outdoor graduation went off without a hitch. Bowdoin College has been an exceptional four-year experience for Sam, and we are proud to be able to call him a Polar Bear.

It really does seem like only yesterday when we were dropping him off as a freshman, but it’s already been four years, and a lot has happened since. Ignore the cancery old man on the right, and admire the happy and gorgeous rest of the family to the left.

Can you guess which one is Sam? None of us know where he gets the tall genes, but he’s always been a big (and kind, and smart, and athletic, and genuinely nice) boy. Jack (10) is growing up too, and if he follows in Sam’s footsteps even slightly (and he has already started), then we’ll all be thrilled. The two of them are exceptionally tight as siblings, and we love to see them interact. Sam’s going to be home for the summer before heading off to work in NYC, so we’ll all have some time together – that’ll be good.

My lovely, lovely Lori… what can I say? She is the most caring and loving mother and wife that one could ever imagine. She is so strong in times of adversity, and she always knows what to do and say at the right moment to make you feel safe and loved. Obviously the boys benefit tremendously from this, but so do I.

Happy Graduation!

Last Hurrah…


10-26-13 rugby1

Wasn’t it just last fall we were dropping Sam off at Bowdoin College for the first time and helping him settle into his freshman dorm room? Time sure does fly… just like that, and in what seems like the blink of an eye, he’s already almost halfway through his senior year. We have thoroughly enjoyed our weekend visits to Brunswick to see Sam and cheer his rugby team – they’ve come a long way as a team and a program over the past few years, with this fall season being one of the most successful in a long while. As a coach myself, I always appreciate seeing a group of young people coming together with a shared goal, so I was very proud to see Sam play an integral role in the evolution of the Bowdoin rugby program – both on the field and off.

10-26-13 rugby45

As the President of the club and a senior, he has provided strong leadership and organization off the field, and as a player he has consistently given his all. Sam knows that he can be proud of what he helped accomplish within this group, and that the recent foundation he and his classmates have built ensures that the rugby program at Bowdoin has a bright future. I’m glad that his last hurrah was with a group of guys that he has such a strong affinity with, and I’m glad that he got to experience what it feels like to be a part of a true team.

10-26-13 rugby50

10-26-13 rugby60

A semester abroad


1-27-13 sam1

Sam’s studying abroad this semester, so he’s missing out on all of the growing up changes we are seeing with Oliver (and Jack). He’ll be back home in the states just in time for his birthday in May, but in the meantime, we’ve been making do with Skype sessions to keep in touch. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… the ability to use your phone/computer to video call with someone halfway around the world in real time… that’s quite sci-fi and very Star Trek like.

He’s a Government and Economics major at Bowdoin College here in Maine, so the time spent in Europe studying and visiting many of the important political institutions will give him a better understanding of how part of the world’s economy works. He’s based in Freiburg, Germany, but what’s especially cool about his semester abroad is that he travels to a lot of places as part of his study program.

So far he’s been to Brussels, Berlin, Prague, Frankfurt, Basel and Paris… and in the next few weeks he’ll be visiting Paris (again), Barcelona, Geneva, London, Tallinn and Munich. He has seen places like the Bundestag, the Louvre, Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris, the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate, the European Central Bank – now that’s pretty cool. Here are a couple of photographs from his travels…

1-27-13 sam3





Supporting the big brother


We’ve had the good fortune of seeing quite a few of Sam’s Bowdoin College rugby games this season, and there’s no-one more excited about cheering for the Polar Bears than Jack. His big brother plays the game hard, and as you can see from the color of his uniform, he isn’t afraid to mix it up and get involved in the game. We’ll miss seeing Sam play in the spring – he’s heading overseas for a semester abroad – but we’re all eager for next fall to come around when he’ll be playing his senior season. Senior season!?! Wow… where does the time go!

Gentlemen playing a hooligan’s game…


The title of this blog post describes the sport of rugby, and although the origin of the quote might be difficult to trace, if you were to watch a game in person, it wouldn’t be all that hard to understand why the game was described as such. Standing on the sideline close enough to hear the bone-crushing tackles, the normally secret sounds of the game, and the thunder of the traveling pack… that’s when you truly get a feel for the game. Between the lines, rugby is an incredibly physical and highly demanding team sport, one that requires a willingness to both give, and accept, a level of physical abuse that borders on barbarism… all in the name of stopping your opponent, gaining possession, and advancing the ball down the field.

As with most team sports, the concept is really quite basic… one ball, two teams each defending their own territory, and, within a given a set of rules, one team trying to get the ball into the area the other is defending. Sounds simple, eh? When the whistle blows, rugby players engage in what looks like a violent battle, apparently willing to rip each other apart to help their team win. Even as the carnage ensues though, traditionally there is still an air of honor and civility afforded the opponent. Like someone once said… gentlemen playing a hooligan’s (or thug’s) game.

In his youth, Sam played just about every sport, dabbling in soccer, basketball and even football, before he settled on baseball as his chosen sport. Growing up playing sports myself, and still coaching soccer today, I totally get the lessons to be learned and values to be shared by being part of a team, so when Sam arrived on campus at Bowdoin and embraced not only the sport of rugby, but also the group of guys he got to hang out with, we were very pleased for him. Most of us have an innate desire to belong, and as a parent seeing their child leave the house and take a step into a brand new world filled with strangers, we have been thankful for the welcome he has received from his rugby playing friends (and the Bowdoin College community in general). Being passionate about whatever you do in life is one of the most important traits any individual could have, and as we spent a bright, spring morning proudly watching Sam (#5) and his friends play rugby, it was very obvious how much this game – and his teammates – meant to him. Go Polar Bears!

They grow up so fast, don’t they?


I haven’t been able to spend much time on the blog lately. Between taking care of work obligations, preseason soccer practices, and Sam getting ready to go to college, you can imagine that things have been pretty hectic around here.

Today was a big day. This was the day we drove Sam to Brunswick so he could begin his academic career at Bowdoin College. All sorts of emotions were flowing freely throughout the day, with moments of excitement and anticipation of what lies ahead for him intertwined with profound moments of sadness as we realized that he will no longer be a part of our every day. We had become accustomed to him getting up “early” at 9am in the summer months and wandering downstairs looking for breakfast, and at some point during each day we could always rely on seeing all 6’4″ of him sprawled out on the living room floor playing Playmobil with Jack. We already miss hearing his bedroom door creak open late at night as he would come wandering downstairs for a snack, and who’s now going to mow the grass?

He will always will be our baby, but we have watched him grow into a strong and confident young man whom we are very proud of. He is an amazing big brother, and even though each of us already misses him terribly, we are all genuinely excited about what is the beginning of a new and wonderful adventure for him. Cliche I know, but it seems like only yesterday that we were carrying him in a backpack, pushing him in a stroller, and laughing at how he would almost immediately fall asleep when we put his oversized helmet on and strapped him in to his bike seat.

With all of his most treasured belongings deposited in the new dorm room, hugs and kisses were generously shared, and then it was time for him to join all of the other freshmen eager to begin their first year experience. As he walked away, his little brother Jack (6) sighed, turned to Lori and with wisdom beyond his years said… “They grow up so fast, don’t they?”

Popham Beach State Park


Probably the coolest beach in Maine, Popham Beach State Park isn’t your standard sand and surf spot. With over 500 acres of salt marshes, forest, sand dunes and tidal flats, this is an absolutely spectacular section of Maine’s coastline. Part of what makes this particular shoreline so special is how at low tide a broad, expansive beach with pools of warm swimming water is revealed. Timed right, a visit to Popham exposes an ever-shifting sandbar that provides exciting access to explore and enjoy the distant and rocky Fox Island. The views all around from the beach are exceptional, with Seguin Island and its 53ft high granite lighthouse serving as a wonderful backdrop to the scene.

Jack took to the water like a fish, and the temperatures were perfect. He was experimenting with his boogie board, and with the gentle rolling waves the setting could not have been more kid-friendly. Everyone probably got a little too much sun, but what a way to spend a late summer Saturday in Maine! The peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were awesome, and after lunch we wandered back to Brunswick for some ice cream and to get another peek at Bowdoin College with Sam. We have just over a week now until he reports as a freshman, so the plans for moving in and making living arrangements with room mates are in full swing. I am sure that we will be visiting him often, so perhaps there will be a few boogie boarding side trips to Popham in the works too!

Bowdoin Bound


This has been an exciting year for Sam. In addition to his typically AP-laden senior academic schedule, he was elected President of the BHS chapter of the National Honor Society, he was an editor of the school newspaper, a member of the math team, and most importantly, he was team manager for the varsity boys soccer team that I coach. Add to that the rigors of the college selection process, and you can see that it has been quite a busy year for him.

Sam has always been a good student, and throughout his high school career has been quite focused on preparing himself for getting into a good college or university. Though we of course encouraged such aspirations, much of his motivation to be successful academically was intrinsic. We never had to push too hard at all – he always seemed to have enough of his own energy when it came to applying himself to the demands of high school. Now that the college selection process is completed, it has been gratifying to see how all of his hard work paid off, providing him with several excellent college options.

Throughout the year we researched and visited several New England colleges and universities. He looked at small schools and he looked at large schools, he looked at city schools and he looked at rural schools. We have taken the student-led tours, sampled the dining hall cuisine, and generally tried to get as good a feel for the campus and environment as we possibly could. This has been a long – and for Sam I am sure – stressful process, but the decision is finally made… he will attend Bowdoin College in the Fall.

He and I returned to campus again to participate in the “accepted student” day, and as you can see from the photograph above, the weather was quite spring-like. The campus was alive with a vibrant and welcoming Bowdoin community – though everyone was in class when I made these photos – and all of Sam’s original thoughts and perceptions about the college were merely reinforced and strengthened on this visit.

Aside from its renowned academic reputation, Bowdoin made an impression on Sam in a way that not many other schools he visited did. At Bowdoin he truly got a sense of students enjoying all aspects of their college lives… they were obviously academically gifted, but they were also full of pride for their school, and throughout the campus there was a palpable feeling of this being a happy place with a very positive atmosphere.

Today’s visit really helped Sam “see himself” at Bowdoin as a student, and as a parent it was heartening to see him readying himself for the next stage in his young life.

Right now he is interested in pursuing a career in the health profession, though I just know that over the next four years he is going to be exposed to so many new ideas, emotions, and possibilities… who knows what exciting path he will follow. What we do know is that he will have the freedom to spread his wings in an incredibly nurturing and caring environment, and as parents, both Lori and I feel reassured that as he leaves the home he is entering a good place, one that will challenge yet support him.

Needless to say we are very proud of Sam, and as a family we are also elated that he will have such a wonderful opportunity so close to home, making it possible for little brother Jack to see the college kid fairly frequently. This college and community will now and forever be a big part of Sam’s life – all of our lives – and we are very much looking forward to sharing in his experiences as a Polar Bear and member of the Bowdoin College Class of 2014!