In his element


6-27-13 oliver1

Have I mentioned that Oliver loves to visit the golf course? After having the place pretty much to ourselves throughout the winter, I was a little concerned about how much access we might have during the summer months when the course is in season. I needn’t have worried… other than the maintenance crew at 5:30am every morning, we never see a soul. In the evening (when these photographs were made), we’re good as long as we wait until about an hour before sunset. That way, anyone playing later in the day has already tee-ed off and we can enjoy the front nine as we wander the first few holes. Isn’t he turning out to be a handsome boy!

6-27-13 oliver3

6-27-13 oliver2


8 thoughts on “In his element

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Michael. He finds a golf ball every time he’s out there and he’ll carry it around with him the entire time.

  1. David, I will agree with Michael it looks to me like your both in your element. It seems to me that Oliver is the happiest when he is walking,running or whatever with his master. What do you think? Hope you have a wonderful day.

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