Ocean Boy


6-15-13 oliver1

Oliver recently had his first real dip in the ocean. I say “real” dip, cos a few months back he tippy-toed into the water at Sand Beach, but that didn’t really count. I can hardly blame him for being so wary of the water that time… the February ocean temperature had to be pretty frigid, and the decent sized waves weren’t something he was familiar with. This time though, he marched right in and lay down on about 6 inches of clear, still, and sparkling water.

We visited the Holbrook Island Sanctuary State Park down past Brooksville and Penobscot, and on the day we explored the grounds, we had it all to ourselves. The sign said that dogs had to be on their leash at all times, but after wandering the beach for about half an hour and seeing literally no-one, we figured what they hey, and we let him loose. He never goes far when we do let him off, and besides, he had his new found paddling pool to play in and keep his attention, so we had nothing to worry about.

We’ve heard stories of how Golden Retrievers are natural swimmers, and although we’ve yet to see him actually swim, there’s no doubt that he loves being in the water. Still a baby – he turned 9 months on June 24 – he would wade out just far enough to have the water come up to his belly, but he wasn’t that keen on going much further. We would throw his tennis ball and he’d gladly retrieve it so the process could be repeated, but that one last throw which went a little further requiring him to swim to fetch it… well, that meant the tennis ball was lost to the receding tide. He had a grand time prancing around in the shallow water, watching Jack do some crab-fishing, and staying cool on what was another gorgeous summer day in Maine.

6-15-13 oliver2

6-15-13 oliver6

6-15-13 oliver5

11 thoughts on “Ocean Boy

  1. spartacus2030

    He’ll learn the dog paddle in no time… Yeah I kind of dislike that law about keeping your dog on a leash, automatically assuming they’ll attack people; for God’s sake, owners know if their dogs are that vicious or not. It’s a stupid law. They won’t even let your dog have any fun… Great looking lab! They’re my favorite dog too.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks. He’s really good around people – other than enthusiastically expecting everyone to want to say hello to him – though I can see why some people wouldn’t be so keen on a dog of the leash. Hopefully as he gets a little older he’ll learn to chill when greeting people.

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