Returning to Acadia



It has been a while since I last spent some time in Acadia, but luckily that all changes in the next few weeks. Granny and Grandpa have rented a cottage in Bass Harbor, and on and off over that time we’ll be joining them for some rest and relaxation. Needless to say, I’ll have my camera with me, and I intend to take advantage of being so close to my favorite national park and get up early and shoot some landscapes. From a previous visit, here’s the iconic and magnificent lighthouse standing sentinel at the entrance to Bass Harbor on what was a pristine and incredibly tranquil pre-dawn morning.



11 thoughts on “Returning to Acadia

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Scott. It’s literally about half a mile from the cottage we stay at in the summer. An easy walk… if you can get up for the very early dawn (4:53am) this time of year!

  1. Andrew Thomas

    HI David, as much as I enjoy watching Oliver grow up into a man (!) its great to see some more Acadia, especially the 2nd one here. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come back with over the summer! All is well over here in Australia..we have just sold our house and now looking for a new one! I trust all is well with your family as well!

    • David Patterson

      Andrew… things her are good. Summer is trying to resemble itself (its been gray and rainy for a while now), but hopefully things will brighten up for when I get to join the family in Acadia at the end of his week πŸ™‚

      Have to admit I’ve misplaced my landscape photo mojo of late, but I’m looking forward to getting inspired again next week. Good luck with the move.

      Anyone reading this interested in seeing some awesome landscape photography? Check out Andrew’s work.

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