The moment was better than the photograph


This is one of those instances when the moment of actually being there was better than I was able to represent with the camera. Sam and I had arrived at Ross Castle in Killarney with plenty of time to spare before the sun was scheduled to rise, and as we walked from the parking lot toward the castle, I couldn’t help but notice this scene.

The morning air was cool and damp, and I never get tired of that feeling of expectation and excitement you get when exploring somewhere new in the pre-dawn light. An almost eerie mist on the water off in the distance helped create a mood of tranquility and peacefulness like you wouldn’t believe, and there wasn’t a soul around as we stood on a little bridge admiring this scene and listening to the sounds of the wakening morning. The reflections on the still as glass water were remarkable, and as the sun slowly climbed in the sky, I was once again reminded of why it is important to get up at this time of day.

In the photograph below I broke out the longer lens (70-200mm f4) and  tried to bring everything good about this scene a little closer. The two-dimensional world of photography can be somewhat limiting when it comes to truly representing an experience, but at least I have these two images to serve as a reminder of a wonderful morning shared with Sam… in a place and at a time only he and I experienced… pretty neat.


6 thoughts on “The moment was better than the photograph

    • David Patterson

      Thanks for the comment… I appreciate the kind words. I have fallen in love with my wide angle lens on the new 5D MK II that I recently bought, but I wondered in this case it if was too wide to really convey the mood. Glad you liked the wider view though 🙂

  1. I know what you mean — there is always so much in the moment (the sound, the temperature of the air, the fragrance, the silence) that can’t be captured by the camera — but it’s nice to have the photos to help evoke the time and place.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks… that’s exactly how I feel about these photographs. I was initially a little frustrated, because I can remember the scene seeming like it was primed to be photographed, but then I struggled to come away with an image that truly reflected how I felt. But then I came to appreciate that maybe it was enough just to have been there in person, and these photographs do indeed remind me of what was a spectacular morning 🙂

  2. I almost certainly felt the mood of the morning in your 2nd shot. It actually evokes a certain solitude and stillness that I have felt being the first one down to the lake in the morning. It would be heaven to have a steaming cup of coffee in hand too. ~Lili

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Lili. There’s nothing like being in a place like this (or the lake) before the sun comes up and having it all to yourself. Good for the soul it is 🙂

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