High tide in Acadia National Park


Today was another official furlough day from work for me, and since it coincided with school vacation week, we grabbed the opportunity to enjoy the spring-like weather and make the first of what will be many family visits this year to our favorite national park… Acadia. The Loop Road in Acadia is a pretty nice stretch of coastline to begin with, but when you see it at either high or low tide, it can be even more special. Not since witnessing the impact of Hurricane Bill as it brushed the coast in August of 2009 have I seen the ocean as swollen and angry as it was today, and boy does it make for dramatic conditions.

It is always interesting to see the park for the first time after the winter season, with Sand Beach usually the most likely place to notice any changes due to weathering from seasonal storms. Every year the beach and rocks get moved around – in some years more violently than in others – and every year the landscape adapts and settles once more into a pristine and spectacular beach. However, I don’t remember seeing the waves reach so far up onto the land as they did today, and for those of you familiar with this view, it is pretty obvious that some serious winter weather has left its mark.

The good news is that after what has seemed like a longer than usual winter the park is now open… and as gorgeous as always. Today though, Thunder Hole was closed due to high surf – yet despite the danger some idiots still allowed their kids to jump the gate – and from some high rocks off to the left I was able to enjoy quite a view. Strong swell after swell would come crashing onshore, and though it was certainly an impressive sight, the sound and power of the ocean were the real stars of this show. Landscape photography for me is often about using the camera to capture a particular mood or emotion, but sometimes no matter how hard you try compositionally, a single image struggles to convey the grandeur of what you might experience in person. So, just for a few seconds, I flipped the mode on the camera to record some video… enjoy 🙂

Acadia National Park from David Patterson on Vimeo.


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