Acadia… a loosening of winter’s grip?


If you’ve ever been to Acadia National Park, chances are you have spent some time exploring the wonderful stretch of pink granite that stretches from Sand Beach to Otter Point. Easily accessible to both young and old from either the Loop Road or the Shore Path, these fascinating rocks offer spectacular views south toward Otter Cliffs, and north toward Monument Cove, Sand Beach, and Great Head.

In the summertime this area is very popular with hordes of tourists coming to explore and enjoy the area, make discoveries in rock pools left behind by the tide, or simply relax on a blanket admiring the views… but on this pristine morning in February there were no tourists to be seen, and with a beautiful coating of winter snow the views were quite unique.

I especially liked how the early morning light hitting the granite contrasted with the blue sky and white snow, and standing here all alone I soaked in what is definitely becoming a warmer sun. This has been an especially snowy winter here in Maine, but at least for a while on Sunday morning I was believing that spring is just around the corner. And now that I have made that statement… we should probably get ready for another arctic blast!


4 thoughts on “Acadia… a loosening of winter’s grip?

  1. What a perfect picture taking day it was there! But come to think of it, there is never a bad picture taking day in Acadia. I have been meaning to ask though, are your photographs the ones I see in brochures for the park or elsewhere? ~Lili

    • David Patterson

      Couldn’t agree more about Acadia and photography. The only place – other than this blog – that any of my Acadia photographs have been published is in the Chimani Acadia app featured in the side bar.

  2. Argy

    The sky, yup for me, it is all about the brilliant blue sky. The light has definitely changed, the sun is stronger, the smells are sweeter, silence of winter is interrupted. It is so great that you continue to record Acadia through your outstanding photos! Thanks for sharing.

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