Marshall Point Lighthouse


I spent a very enjoyable late afternoon exploring the area around the Marshall Point Lighthouse in the mid-coast community of Port Clyde. Originally established in 1832, the present lighthouse was built in 1857, and this is the same lighthouse Forrest Gump visited when he was traversing the country.

This lighthouse is pretty unique in it’s design, with a 31 ft tall white granite and brick tower perched on the rocks at the end of a narrow walkway. A distinctive and striking black cast iron lantern houses a fresnel light that does not flash. The Marshall Point Lighthouse Museum on the first floor of the light keeper’s house was opened in 1990, and the whole area is meticulously cared for and maintained.

The walkway toward the lamp just cries out for a symmetrical composition, and using a wide angle lens seriously accentuates the leading lines. In the image above the light was just OK, but as the afternoon wore on it did become much more dramatic.


2 thoughts on “Marshall Point Lighthouse

  1. This is fabulous. What you choose to show us is always so exciting to see. I don’t know why we have never even been to this place in our wanderings around Maine. I just love your photography, you really do capture the essence of this beautiful State! ~Lili

    • David Patterson

      Lili… thanks for the kind words. I was heading south for a meeting, and was able to stop off and enjoy this scene. I love living in Maine, and love making photographs of it even more!

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