UFO in Acadia NP


I never get tired of seeing first light hit the magnificent granite rocks that guard the Acadia coastline. Maybe it was the snow, or perhaps it was just the warm, lower-angled winter light, but the sunrise on this morning was truly remarkable. My request for wispy, reflective clouds or crashing surf to add drama must have been lost in the mail, but this was a pretty impressive scene nonetheless.

I have to tell you though… as I was composing these photographs, a blazing ball of light screamed across the sky from left to right and disappeared over the top of the cliffs. I have seen plenty of shooting stars before, but this was like nothing I have ever witnessed. Think of a scene from one of those fatalistic disaster movies where a meteorite crashes into the earth… that’s what it looked like – minus the crash! Whatever streaked overhead was on fire like a magnesium flare, burning very, very brightly with a long luminous tail. It literally took my breath away as I watched for what must have been at least several seconds as it raced across the sky.

Of course I did not get a photograph of the event, and I have researched online but was unable to find any mention in the news about what I saw – so it would appear that I may have been the only one to see it! Between this strange but spectacular sight and the lovely winter sunrise… what an amazing way to start the day!



8 thoughts on “UFO in Acadia NP

  1. That is so wild, I haven’t heard or seen anything about it either (we’re about 4 miles across Frenchman’s Bay from Acadia). But then again, my feet didn’t hit the floor until much later today. I have to say, your capture of the glow on those rocks is awesome! ~Lili

  2. I love how the boulders are burned orange/pink from the sun in the last shot. There’s so much to look at in that shot. I feel like I can get lost in it! Outstanding photographs, as always!

  3. Ben Horne

    Such beautiful light on those foreground rocks!

    I can relate to your shooting star experience. Many years ago while visiting Yosemite, I saw a bold, bright, fiery shooting star one evening. It was quite the sight to behold!

    On my latest trip to Death Valley, I was walking across racetrack playa around midnight to retrieve a camera that was shooting a star trail. It was a moonless night, and the milky way was intense. A brighter than average shooting star streaked across the sky. It was nowhere near as bright as the one you saw, but when set against the moonless night, it caught me off guard. I actually ducked to avoid it. 🙂

    • David Patterson

      Ben… thanks. Having been to the Racetrack and experienced how spooky it can be – even in the day – I can’t imagine what a sight you saw!

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