Las Vegas is a total assault on the senses.

Before dropping the rental car off this morning, we cruised down the strip to try to get a sense of this strange place. Even in the late morning the city was very much alive, and we were a little shell-shocked by the sudden infusion of so many people into our lives. As well as an escape from the craziness, the hotel room also offered a welcome respite from all of the traveling we had been doing, and the quiet afternoon spent in comfort was appreciated.

Batteries recharged as the dusk rolled in, we set out to explore a small part of the strip including some of the bigger hotels local to where we were staying like Caesar’s Palace, The Bellagio, and The Venetian. Las Vegas Boulevard was dynamic and buzzing from the moment we set foot out the door, and we joined the throngs of people enjoying the free “shows” outside of the hotels along the strip. The pirate battle in front of Treasure Island, the erupting volcano at The Mirage, and the water fountain musical display at The Bellagio were all very entertaining (see Sam’s photograph from the Bellagio).

Maybe it was the exertions of the week-long trip finally catching up with us, or maybe it was just stimulus overload from the electrified and bustling atmosphere, but we happily retreated from the sights, sounds and smells of Vegas to our hotel room only a couple of hours later. One big all-night party, Las Vegas could not be further from the serene and peaceful experiences we enjoyed on this trip in California. While a good experience to see Vegas in person, we will not be all that sorry to leave here tomorrow.


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