Amargosa Cafe


Death Valley Junction is a quirky little place located between Pahrump, NV and Death Valley National Park in California. It is like a ghost town, except for the Amargosa Hotel and Opera House, where the renowned Marta Beckett performed for years.

On a previous morning when we had driven through here we noticed a tiny little cafe attached to the hotel. We resolved to return here on our way out from the valley, and today was the day. Classic Americana, the decor inside was straight from the 1950’s, and the breakfast we were served was hearty and cheap. Highly recommended if you ever find yourself passing through this part of the world in need of some sustenance.


4 thoughts on “Amargosa Cafe

  1. Paula

    Very yummy and filling. Had the spaghetti dinner special before Marta’s performance last year, 2009. Oye, l was full till lunch the next day! People were great. l am glad to see it open after soooooooo many years closed.

  2. David Patterson

    You would be surprised about how many people visit Death Valley in the summer. Many go there to “experience” the oppressive heat, especially those who aren’t used to such temperatures. I remember being in DV a couple of years ago in July, and despite the 124 degree temperatures there wasn’t a room to be had at the inn.

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