Home Sweet Home


We made it home to Maine right on time, but not without a few challenges. I love to travel, but am not a huge fan of getting there, especially if flying is involved, and especially, especially if flying during winter months is involved. The potential for disruption from bad weather is significantly magnified at this time of year, and as our adventure wound down today, this was of course the case.

Leaving Vegas at 7am, we were supposed to fly to Boston, back south to Philly, and then north home to Bangor. This was a rough enough itinerary even if things went to plan, but with another snow storm hitting parts of the east coast things quickly got interesting.

After smooth sailing across the country, we closed in on Boston only to be told that we would be in a holding pattern while they tried to fix some essential navigational equipment on the ground. Then the captain informed us that due to snow the braking response on the runways at Logan was reported as zero, and that we would be circling until they fixed the malfunction and the snow was cleared for a safe landing. He also told us that we had enough fuel to be in the air for maybe another 45 minutes or so.

Long story short… we were re-routed to Providence where we were given an opportunity to de-plane and stretch our legs. Not feeling too optimistic about our chances of getting back to Boston in time to then get down to Philadelphia and make our final connection, I stopped by the US Airways desk and asked if we had any alternatives for getting us home today. We abandoned our checked bags and hopped on a plane from Providence to Philly, and we easily made our connection from there to Bangor. Long day, but since our original flight out of Boston to Philly was indeed canceled, it sure beats another night spent in an airport.

Sam and I had a wonderful trip out west together, but it definitely feels good to be back home again. As we spent time in the airports coming home today, Sam shared some more of his photographs with me. I think he enjoyed trying to capture some of the beauty that he saw, and here’s one of Golden Canyon in Death Valley that he had decided to convert to black and white.


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