Distilling the scene


1-5-14 bass harbor3 BWTake away the color and you’re left with basic elements like lines, shapes, textures and tones. Certain photographs lend themselves well to being converted to black and white and others don’t, and in this case, I kinda liked how this scene looked in monochrome. Distinct and obvious in shape, the jagged granite rocks add drama to an already iconic view, and in each of these compositions, I tried to wed the foreground, mid ground and background together in a cohesive way. Hopefully I succeeded.

1-5-14 bass harbor2 BW

1-5-14 bass harbor1 BW


Silver skies…


1-21-13 winter tree

Winter skies can be remarkable. The sun arcs lower in the sky – and when combined with interesting clouds – the result can be quite striking. I’m very much a summer person – or at least warmer weather person – and I love that time of year when the trees begin to fill in again with a burst of fresh, lush green. However, now that I’m outdoors walking Oliver, I’m also becoming an almost reluctant admirer of the stark shapes and contrasts that this time of year brings. On one of our recent walks together, these high cirrus clouds framing the dark silhouetted branches caught my eye. I had my “real” camera with me this time with a 70-200mm lens attached, and I used that combination to make an image of what appeared to be silver skies.