Distilling the scene


1-5-14 bass harbor3 BWTake away the color and you’re left with basic elements like lines, shapes, textures and tones. Certain photographs lend themselves well to being converted to black and white and others don’t, and in this case, I kinda liked how this scene looked in monochrome. Distinct and obvious in shape, the jagged granite rocks add drama to an already iconic view, and in each of these compositions, I tried to wed the foreground, mid ground and background together in a cohesive way. Hopefully I succeeded.

1-5-14 bass harbor2 BW

1-5-14 bass harbor1 BW

20 thoughts on “Distilling the scene

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Denise… I just had to get myself in a spot where I could include this waves. I like how that one looks in black and white too.

  1. I agree….this looks great in monochrome….except for the lack of red in the lighthouse lamp. I always waited for it to come around before exposing. I think you did too but it’s just white. 🙂

  2. Johann Briffa

    Looks great in black and white! The tones of the rock and lighthouse are sublime. I personally prefer the last one I think: the stillness of the water due to the long exposure make the texture of the rock and the snow stand out.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Johann… I agree. It’s definitely one way to draw attention to the stationary elements within the scene, and in this case I think it makes the lighthouse and rocks stand out more.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks. I love the colors normally associated with a scene like this too, but every now and then I like to see how things look in black and white.

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