Too cold to play golf…


2013-11-05 oliver1

The local golf course is now closed. As the temperatures finally take a dip to more winter-like levels and frost starts to cover the ground, the doors to the pro shop have been shuttered for another year. What does that mean for us? Well… throughout the summer, if Oliver and I wanted to walk the course, it meant we had to be out there before the sun came up, and our walk needed to be concluded by 7 a.m. That was the earliest golfers were allowed to start playing, and it made for some early o’clock starts! Although I absolutely LOVED the tranquility of those early mornings, I have to admit that I’m also looking forward to now being able to walk the course with Oliver anytime of the day we’re able to – I’m just not looking forward to the cold and snow that’s undoubtedly on it’s way.

2013-11-05 oliver4

2013-11-05 oliver5

11-05-13 oliver


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