Waiting for the snow…


It’s that in-between stage of the year when fall foliage colors are gone and the trees are left standing stark and bare. Though there are certainly landscape photographs to be made at this time of year, especially on the coast where the lack of leaves on the trees has minimal impact on potential compositions, I find these last few weeks of fall rather dull and uninspiring. As we make the transition into winter, it’s also becoming much colder, and when the wind picks up like it has been lately, the challenge to get out and about with the camera increases. The carpet of downed leaves loses its vibrancy, and the landscape in general looks (to me) quite drab and thin. That all changes though when the snow comes… and mark my words, here in Maine it will definitely come! A fresh blanket of the white stuff will transform the landscape, covering up the ordinary scenes currently littered with dead leaves, and with it will come renewed inspiration and a rekindled desire to photograph the surroundings. I’ve made a resolution to spend more time in Acadia this winter to try and capture the beauty of my favorite National Park in the snow. In the meantime, as we wait for the snow, from a few years back here’s a famous and iconic Acadia scene blanketed in winter…


24 thoughts on “Waiting for the snow…

  1. Just this night it’s going to snow in the south of Belgium.
    Last weekend we where there and it was just freezing then.
    I love fall and winter, but only for just taking a few pictures after which I wished it was already spring and summer again. Anyway, enjoy winter. 🙂

  2. I’ve never experienced Acadia in the winter. Boulder Beach in the snow is very attractive. The way the weather has played out lately who knows what we are in store for this year. The wooly bears have been forecasting a mild winter, so we will see.

  3. Inspired and pretty

    Same thing here David, dull weather, flat light, rain, rain, rain, a little snow… Not at all inspiring. I’m looking forward to see your beautiful winter photos of Acadia. This one is superb !

  4. stevenserdikoff

    I’ve never been to Acadia in the winter, but this image confirms that my love affair with that place would likely extend to all four seasons! Gorgeous image.

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