A Foggy Ship Harbor Trail


BH ship harbor1

Located on the quieter side of Mount Desert Island and Acadia NP, this 1.2 mile trail meanders briefly through lush forest but soon opens up offering spectacular ocean views of Great Gott and Placentia Islands out in the Atlantic. It’s a beautiful and relatively easy loop that provides opportunities to experience both ocean and forest views, and although you likely won’t have this walk all to yourself, it sure beats the crowded trails on the more popular eastern side of Mount Desert Island. Actually… if you’re on this trail at 7:00am like we were, you might just have it all to yourself! This was the first photograph I made during our recent vacation, and the foggy conditions on this particular morning were a precursor of the weather we would have for most of our time in Acadia. Foggy, relatively colorless morning… why not black and white?

BH ship harbor1 BW


5 thoughts on “A Foggy Ship Harbor Trail

    • David Patterson

      I hear you on the cold. I’m not a big fan of the winter, but the summers are worth waiting for. Thanks for the feedback on the photos… I’m torn between the two versions – but I do like them both.

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