Foggy and wet…


BH Ship Harbor4

…that’s the theme for most of our vacation in Acadia. Seems like every day started out that way, though on a few rare occasions the fog burned off by mid-morning and we were blessed with some warm sunshine in the afternoon. Strange though… as if by clockwork, the clouds would then roll in again for sunset, putting the kabosh on my attempts at getting a decent photograph. In about tens days of vacation, we had a total of maybe three or four days when the weather was other than blah, but needless to say, we made the most of those opportunities to enjoy our favorite national park.

BH Ship Harbor3

This little series is from the Ship Harbor Trail… an easy hike that was located no more than about a mile from where we were staying. Oliver is used to an early morning walk, and even though we were on vacation, I wasn’t going to disappoint him. We bought him a SENSE-ible harness to help temper his eagerness to show us where he wants to go, and boy does it work as advertised. He has always walked pretty well for me, but with others he can get a little frisky. Instead of attaching to his collar and pulling on his neck, the leash attaches to the harness in the front of his chest. This apparently reduces his reflex to pull, and it makes him incredibly easy to walk with… sort of like gently leading a horse.

BH Ship Harbor2

Anyway… here’s a foggy and wet Ship Harbor Trail in Acadia National Park. The temperatures were cool, and the bugs were out in full force – something we don’t seem to recall from years past. They were chomping away at us even out on the rocks at the edge of the ocean, but despite their nuisance, we enjoyed an incredibly peaceful early morning walk with Oliver in what was an idyllic setting.

BH Ship Harbor5


10 thoughts on “Foggy and wet…

  1. Andrew Thomas

    HI David, you may not be getting the conditions you hoped for, but you’re still capturing some lovely images. One thing I particularly liked on our visit to Acadia was the fogs and low lying mists that you capture so well – and how good does Oliver look!
    cheers Andrew

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Andrew… if you can’t have epic sunrises and sunsets, then fog is probably the next best thing for landscape photography. The first couple of days of vacation were fog-filled and very atmospheric, but then we hit a week-long stretch of blah. I did get an amazing sunset the night before we left… I’ll share that soon. Hope all is well?

  2. Your pictures are great so maybe you like the foggy and wet (lol) keep doing your pictures cause I’m enjoying them very much. There’s Oliver he is such a pretty boy and he enjoys getting his picture taking….LOTS

    • David Patterson

      He does like getting his photograph taken, doesn’t he? He’d better, cos the camera gets pointed at him often enough!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks… I love seeing those pine trees enveloped in fog, and it’s always fun trying to include them in a composition.

  3. Richard Morgan

    It rained 9 of the 14 days we were there, (Jun 22nd- Jul 6th), but what’s unusual is the lack of clearing. Thick clouds day after day was strange.

    • David Patterson

      Dull and dreary weather can get to you after a while. Of the two weeks we recently spent in Acadia, we only saw the sun on maybe 3 or 4 days. Made us appreciate it all the more though!

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