Our Polar Bear Cub


12-15-12 Oliver at Green Acres 2

Oliver gets remarks all the time from admirers of his fluffy, full coat, and when I see him romping in the snow, I can’t help thinking that he looks like a little Polar Bear cub. Even in the short time Oliver has been with us, we have noticed his coat starting to change color from almost all off-white to a rich, soft tan.

He obviously enjoys the snow, and that’s a good thing, because here in Maine we’re likely in for our fair share of the white stuff this winter. I’m sure Oliver will be very curious when our first big snowfall comes, and it’ll be quite comical to see those tiny (at the moment) legs try to get through it.

After this post I’m probably going to take a mini-break from the blog over the winter holidays… so thanks for all the support throughout this past year. Happy holidays to you all, and best wishes for a peaceful New Year.

Next time you see Oliver he’ll probably be a big boy – or at least a much bigger boy – and that tennis ball will look much smaller 🙂

12-15-12 Oliver at Green Acres 3

12-15-12 Oliver at Green Acres 11


12 thoughts on “Our Polar Bear Cub

    • David Patterson

      Thanks. He is definitely growing into those big feet. These were from last weekend and I swear he has put on another 5 lbs since then!

    • David Patterson

      Happy holidays to you too. Yeah, I’m looking forward to our first real snowfall so I can get out with the camera again to do some landscape photography.

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