Instagramming my dog



Sounds painful, doesn’t it? Not as painful as the most recent round of bad publicity Instagram (acquired by Facebook) has endured because of the changes they made to their Terms of Service. Uproar has ensued all across the Internet with hordes of Instagram users ditching their once favorite photo sharing app – all because of the strategies Facebook proposed using to recoup some of the gajillions of dollars it spent acquiring Instagram.

We all like things that are free, especially things that are pretty cool… like Instagram. However, I learned a long time ago that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, so in order to monetize my favorite filtering photo fun app, parent company Facebook decided that they wanted to put ads in Instagram. As a loyal Instagrammer, this might not necessarily be a deal breaker for me, especially if I could buy a $2-ish in-app purchase upgrade that wouldn’t show ads. Where it got sticky though, was when FB wanted to place those ads, “on, about, or in conjunction with” my content… my photographs. That’s not cool… I’m all for creative people making a living, but I don’t think it’s right that they would claim use of my photographs for using with their ads… for free.

News travels fast on the Interwebz, and it now appears that the company is backtracking and has removed at least that part of the TOS language which stated that they would be authorized to use my (or your) photographs in their ads for free… we’ll see how this all plays out, but methinks that with the array of photo sharing app options available these days, Instagram might just have done themselves irreparable harm. When you think about it though… is there much difference between what caused this brouhaha and the terms of service of other web entities like Flickr, Facebook, or Twitter? Heck, I’m not really sure. Reminds me of the old adage… read the manual.

Some might say that this post is just an excuse to display more photographs of my dog. To you, all I can say is “shame on you” and that I resemble that remark! Anyhoo… here’s how I Instagrammed my dog. I promise Oliver was not hurt in the writing of this blog post, nor in the making of these photographs…  just a little Lo-Fi filter applied.



7 thoughts on “Instagramming my dog

    • David Patterson

      Yeah, I saw that. Sounds like they are backtracking pretty hard. I love using Instagram, and hope to keep doing so – as long as they play fair. There was nothing confusing about the changes they had proposed – what they intended was perfectly clear and unacceptable to many users. Here’s hoping they figure out a way to make a buck AND keep their users happy.

    • David Patterson


      He is growing sooo fast, we had to buy him a big boy food bowl. We got more snow today too, and Oliver had a ball. Can’t wait for a big storm! Aren’t they funny in the snow?

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