Through the eyes of a child


Peering through the viewfinder, focused and intent on making a photograph, I have come to recognize (and love) the sound of Jack joining me as a photographer. Usually concentrating on creating a composition, that’s when I suddenly become aware of little footsteps getting closer as he tries to see what it is I am seeing. Then there’s the “dinging” sound of his camera as he turns it on and fires it up ready for action. Jack received his own camera on his 6th birthday, and ever since then he has been quite the prodigious little photographer.Β He takes great pride in his photographs, and loves to share the images he makes. Here’s a sampling of his photographs from a recent trip along the Beech Hill Road in Acadia National ParkΒ in search of lupine – it’s always interesting to see through the eyes of a child.

Me and my boy!

26 thoughts on “Through the eyes of a child

  1. wanderingseniors

    Jack’s a good photographer! Starting so young and with such a great teacher, just imagine what he’ll be accomplishing by the time he’s an adult. He should have his own blog to showcase his talent. That last photo of father & son photographers is a keeper.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks. He definitely gets a kick out of making photographs, and I love that last one of the two of us (taken by my oldest who was patiently waiting in the car).

    • David Patterson

      We’ll see how long him wanting to be like his dad lasts! But yes… it’s fun seeing him engage with the camera.

  2. The greatest thing about digital cameras is the immediate feedback to help improve a photographer’s techniques. I bought digital cameras for my kids long before I bought one for myself. I thought it could help them improve their composition immediately. Looks like Jack is already there!

    • David Patterson

      Agreed! That immediate feedback is critical to the development of appreciation for composition. For example, in that last one of his, he was aiming pretty much straight down. After pressing the shutter, he realized he had included one of his feet, so he re-composed and immediately re-shot it… I love that he noticed, and that he made the adjustment all by himself.

  3. dalzellphoto

    Very cool. I give my little brothers my P/S whenever we go out to shoot together and I’m always fascinated about what they end up, their view of the world is so different than ours.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Zach. I’m hoping he maintains the curiosity and imagination that he shows right now with the camera. I bet your little brothers have a blast!

  4. Hey, that location looks familiar!! I think I was just there! πŸ™‚ Glad you and Jack had some time together, and I gather Lori took the pic of the two of you?! Enjoyed seeing Jack’s efforts. I’m thinking of going back over there to actually HIKE this week-end.

    • David Patterson

      Just had to get here this year again… my versions of the lupine to follow πŸ™‚

      Lori and Sam were waiting very patiently in the car for the two photographers to shoot the lupine, and I think it was Sam who grabbed that photograph of us.

      Another mile or so up that road and you hit a dead end. Go right to explore Beech Mountain, and left to see the Canada Cliffs and Beech Hill Cliffs… great views.

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