The Ocean Path, Acadia National Park


The Ocean Path along the Loop Road in Acadia National Park must surely be one of the prettiest trails anywhere. With no significant gain in elevation, and a relatively smooth surface, this is one of the easiest walks in the park. The views all along the path are spectacular, though the curious hiker also has plenty of opportunities to leave the trail and explore the huge swathes of granite separating them from the Atlantic Ocean.

The landscape assumes a more active personality at high tide in so-so weather, and to be honest I think it can be a much more interesting time to be there. On this particular morning, fierce waves were breaking onshore, and a low-hanging mist only added to the atmosphere. In the composition above, I opted to switch out my ever-faithful wide angle lens for my 70-200mm so that I could isolate the amazing surf crashing on the rocks all along the shore of Newport Cove.


22 thoughts on “The Ocean Path, Acadia National Park

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Russel… maybe that’s cos it’s about as far away from San Diego as you could get! Well worth a trip though 🙂

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Robin. The bw was a pretty neat scene that I was able to isolate using a longer lens. Glad you liked it 🙂

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