Summer Concert U2


When a company procures your email address and sends you spammy updates, it annoys the heck out of me and I usually hit the unsubscribe link within seconds. One exception to this though is when I open up my email to find that Ticketmaster has news it would like to share with me.

While Sesame Street Live or Josh Groban crooning in Boston don’t really float my boat, every now and then I just can’t seem to help myself as I click and follow the hyperlinked trail that leads from one usually uninteresting event to the next. This time though, I hit gold… look what I stumbled on… U2!

Growing up in Ireland during the 80’s you couldn’t be anything but amazed at the music being produced from this band. They had a style all of their own, and quickly developed a reputation for raw, high energy shows. There aren’t many bands you can instantly identify within the first few seconds of just about any song they play, but there is definitely a unique and unmistakable U2 sound. Before long they had established themselves as a world-wide phenomenon and it became incredibly difficult to score tickets… oh, and along the way they produced some truly remarkable music.

So, my Internet surfing adventure that started with some random “Disney on Ice” event ultimately led me to the new Meadowlands Stadium in July where the #1 band of all time will be playing in front of 80,000 people… including our Sam and one other. He has always been very interested in his Irish heritage, and he has also been keen to see U2, so this wasn’t a bad Christmas present for a him, eh?

Who knows… maybe he will take his old man along with him 😉


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