Different Seasons…


One of the most enjoyable things about living in Maine is that we have four very distinct seasons – summer, fall and winter – which is then briefly followed by mud season! In this part of the world we really don’t get much of a spring season… as soon as we hit mid-April the snow should be gone and the sun that is higher in the sky quickly warms the land as we ease toward summer.

These changing seasons provide opportunities to return to favorite scenes… offering a completely different look and feel to places that you enjoy. Getting to know a particular place – whether that is for the first time, or again and again – is what photography is all about to me. I love returning to special places at different times of day to see how the light impacts a scene, or how changing weather conditions can reveal another side to the character of a landscape, and how the diverse and dramatic seasons in Maine can paint a totally different picture of a favorite place.

The scene displayed in this post sits innocently on the side of the road when driving from town to the Bangor Forest. Most people drive right past what might seem like an unspectacular vista, but it caught my eye one day and now I can’t help but stop to see how it looks… in every season. Boy does it look different in the snow compared to what it looked like in mid-October!


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