Your own back yard


Regular readers of this blog know that I am intrigued by images like the one posted above. I first saw this type of image created by William Neill in his “Impressions of Light” series, and I was immediately drawn in by them. Moving the camera through a scene as the shutter is open creates what to me is a mystical impression of the landscape before me. William Neill’s work in this style inspired me to try it for myself, and even though I am borrowing his style, I still consider every image that I make in this way to be mine alone.

Depending on how long the shutter is open, the direction and speed of movement applied to the camera, and the arrangement of elements included in the scene… every exposure using this method is unique. Perhaps it is that desire to make something of my own that draws me to his type of photograph? Made in a wooded area behind the local high school during winter, this is an image that holds my interest, and one that I really enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Your own back yard

  1. Ben Horne

    Photos like this demonstrate the ability of the photographer to see something beyond what is physically there. This takes the art to another level. I really like your monochrome take on the trees. It has a painterly feel.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Ben…. distilling the elements and simplifying a scene like this is something I really enjoy. I too liked how, even in the absence of bright colors, this image was still interesting to me.

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