Flying High Above Acadia


I am not the daredevil type. I rarely order anything off the menu that I haven’t had before, I do not do well with heights anywhere above one story tall, and I rode the ferris wheel at the fair for only the first time in my life this year. Jack, on the other hand, is fearless.

My Christmas present from two years ago was a gift certificate to fly in the Acadia Air Tours glider that lives along the Bar Harbor Road just before the airport in Trenton. “Wouldn’t that be cool?” in response to the pretty colored sign as we drove by every so often was interpreted as me wanting to take my life in my hands and go flying high above Acadia – all without an engine! Notice I have been sitting on the present for almost two years now… Lori and Sam were starting to wonder if I was ever going to use it.

Today was the day. Rather than placing my life in the hands of the wind powered glider though, I decided to trade up to a much “safer” ride in the spiffy and cool 1950’s biplane with an engine. For a few bucks more, I could take along another passenger, and as soon as this was mentioned, Jack was all in. The kid is fast becoming our little adventurer, showing no fear about trying new and exciting things.

Pilot Dave – the real pilot – was very reassuring as we buckled up and learned the ropes, and I cannot speak highly enough about how professional and friendly everyone was. Jack was eager to get up in the air, so as the propellor was fired up and we roared down the runway, he had a huge smile on his face. Any concerns I had about heights, falling and dying were masked by the exuberance and enthusiasm displayed by the six year old whooping it up in the cramped cockpit beside me – and as you can see, he was digging the headphones we wore to communicate.

What an experience! Flying high above Acadia offers a truly different perspective of a landscape that we feel we know so well. The weather was spectacular, and the views from high above Frenchman Bay, Cadillac Mountain, Schoodic Penninsula, Newport Cove, the Cranberry Islands and Somes Sound were all breathtaking.

Unfortunately though, the 45 minute flight was over in what seemed like the blink of an eye, and just like that we were banking hard left and preparing to land back in Trenton. I learned today that it’s OK to be nervous and careful about certain situations, but it shouldn’t stop you from getting outside of your comfort zone and doing exciting things. This was an exhilarating and unique experience… one that Jack nor I will likely forget for a long time.


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