Eagle Lake Morning


After spending some quality time watching the dawn break over Otter Cliffs, I made my way to Eagle Lake where the still early morning sun had yet to reach into the valley. Even at the height of summer, there are very few people around at 6:00am, so the views from this popular spot were quite peaceful, and walking the trails provided some quiet moments. Normally in the summer it is hard to even get close to Eagle Lake, with the parking lot often spilling over onto Route 233. Looking south from the carriage road and just right of the boat launch area, I was drawn to the reflections and classic shapes that had yet to become illuminated by the morning sun.


4 thoughts on “Eagle Lake Morning

    • David Patterson

      Steve… thanks for stopping by and for the comment. It was a very peaceful morning, and the silhouettes were quite impressive to me.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks. It is always fun to see places that we visit often in a different light (literally) – within about 20 minutes most of the mountains in the background were illuminated with the early morning light. You can just see the start of this process in the upper right hand corner of the mountains.

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