Bubble Pond Bridge, Acadia National Park


This will be my last post for a while with “Bubble” in the title 😉

Built in 1928, the Bubble Pond Bridge is classic Acadia. Part of the network of carriage trails and bridges financed by John D. Rockefeller Jr. and designed by Welles Bosworth and Charles Stoughton, this bridge is a remarkable example of local elements being combined in architectural design.

Though beautiful and incredibly detailed in their construction, each of the bridges of Acadia National Park blends so well into the surroundings that one might be forgiven for not even noticing them. There are 17 bridges scattered throughout the 45 miles of auto-free carriage trails on the eastern side of Mount Desert Island, and they stand as a reminder of why the Rockefellers gifted much of this land for preservation and trust.

4 thoughts on “Bubble Pond Bridge, Acadia National Park

  1. It’s always good to hear about natural conservation in earlier times; America has a good history of such gifting and preservation. I like this bridge and its environment and it’s most probably a lovely walk too. Nice post.

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