Bubble Pond, Acadia National Park


Nestled between Pemetic Mountain (1,248 feet), and Cadillac Mountain (1,532 feet), Bubble Pond is a glaciated valley that is now home to a beautiful and pristine pond. Using a circular polarizer, I was able to eliminate reflections from the crystal clear pond water allowing views of the rocky bottom. The polarizer also removed the glare of the mid-morning light from the trees hugging the rugged shoreline, and it enhanced the definition in the clouds. The intermittent sunshine breaking through the clouds made the scene come alive. A very peaceful spot, I definitely plan on returning here in the fall to take advantage of the changing foliage colors.


6 thoughts on “Bubble Pond, Acadia National Park

  1. Roberta Horne

    Your photo is beautiful…Looking forward to a fall photo of the same…Fall in Maine is on my “wish list”…

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Roberta. Those trees will probably light up with color in the fall, and I definitely plan to return.

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