The artist


I was just reading an article on CNN about Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk on how schools kill creativity, and it got me thinking about Jack as he starts out on his school career. I remember watching the TED talk when it was first published, and at the time it absolutely resonated with me. It was one of those moments where someone had very articulately expressed much of what I already believed, but would never have been able to put into words. I forwarded the link for the video to everyone I knew, encouraging them to “see the light” as I had. Not sure if it had as much impact with others as it did for me, but at least I tried.

I purchased and devoured Sir Ken’s book “The Element – How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything” as soon as it was made available. His words, thoughts, and ideas about how traditional schooling (and life in general) sometimes get in the way of enjoying fulfilling and meaningful activities struck me as being so obvious. Everyone should have their “thing” that they do… and if you don’t yet know what it is… find your thing and dive deep into it.

Jack has been very fortunate in his “academic” career to date, first as part of a wonderfully imaginative Montessori classroom setting, and now in kindergarten he is part of a sweet, creative, and caring public school environment. I hope that he is always encouraged to be creative in expressing himself, and that the ability to tell his story in different ways is forever nurtured.

Who knows… maybe painting will be his “thing” 🙂



6 thoughts on “The artist

  1. Ann Marie

    I love it!
    This is a great painting in many, many, ways…He is a natural.
    Lines, color, space, shapes…focal point, balance, composition, warmth, harmony, detail… Awesome!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Ann Marie… I have scanned this one and it will be printed, framed, and hung on display for all to see 🙂

  2. Barbara Greenstone

    That’s a beautiful painting that deserves wall space in your home. My favorite painting in my house is a cat that Andrew did in second grade. It’s framed and hanging in the dining room. I love kids’ artwork because it’s so honest and pure and I never tire of looking at it. Luckily Andrew had an art teacher in elementary school who fostered his creativity and made him feel “smart” in art class.

    • David Patterson

      Barbara… I hope like Andrew that Jack has teachers who will nurture him to continue to be a creative soul. My favorite painting by Sam was from when he was in kindergarten. A week after Barney #1 died back in 1998, he painted the most incredible scene with a house that looked like ours, and a cat that looked remarkably like Barney. At the time though, he denied that it was our house, and he denied that it was Barney. I remember how heartbroken he was at losing his pet, and my jaw literally dropped when he brought home this amazing painting that he had created at school. It has hung in our home since that day, and even now each time I pass it in the hallway I still marvel at how it takes me back to that time. Sam didn’t want to let anyone know how sad losing Barney had been for him, and it wasn’t until he was around 14 or so that he finally admitted that it was in fact a painting of Barney.

    • David Patterson

      Ed… thanks. I printed it out at 11×14 and framed it at 16×20. Not bad for a kindergartener… he loves seeing it hanging on the wall in our dining room.

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