Sam and his portrait


sam_headshotSam asked me to take a photograph of him for his school yearbook. He did not want to go through the whole “Senior Portrait” experience with a professional photographer, and I was quite happy to oblige his request.

In preparation I had asked him to look at examples of portraits that he liked from previous yearbooks, so when we started shooting, we were definitely experimenting with some poses.

I have zero experience photographing people formally, so we weren’t sure how this was going to work out. Also, since it was raining, we decided to use the down time to step out onto the front porch and play around with some ideas.

This was intended merely as a practice time, with our plan to head down near the golf course after the rain stopped to see if we could get a useful setting for a portrait. We were thinking that maybe some nice Maine fall foliage in the background would be nice.

However, when I opened up the results from the ten minutes or so we spent shooting on the porch, I really liked this one. What matters most though is that Sam liked it too, so without a lot of fanfare we decided that we were good to go. I burned both color and black and white copies to CD, and he delivered them to the yearbook staff the next morning.

Shot with the very reliable and sharp 50mm f1.8… isn’t he a handsome young man? Luckily he gets his good looks from his mother’s side of the family 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sam and his portrait

    • David Patterson

      A talented family the Greenstones are! When it comes to taking photographs of my boy… point and shoot… that’s my method 😉

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