Bass Harbor Light, Acadia NP



For those of you who don’t know, Maine has had some pretty dull, wet and grey weather this summer so far. Despite the mixed forecast, the family Patterson took off for a camping weekend on the Maine coast. We spent a lovely day in Camden on Friday, and although we anticipated some precipitation that evening, we were up half the night with rain pounding the tent, and awoke the following morning to an absolute washout. With a 5 year old experiencing his first camping trip, we decided there and then to abandon the outdoors and drive over to Acadia where we booked in to the Bar Harbor Inn for Saturday night. The weather started to clear in the afternoon, and I actually got excited about the possibility for some interesting evening light. Headed over to my favorite lighthouse, and what do you know… foggy, wet and grey again!


6 thoughts on “Bass Harbor Light, Acadia NP

  1. Barbara Greenstone

    I like it! Very foggy and mysterious – looks like it could be part of the set for Dark Shadows. (You are probably not old enough to remember that and I’m not sure if it ever aired outside of the US.)

    • David Patterson

      Barbara… thanks. It was VERY quiet down there when I made this image… quite spooky even with the fog, waves and fog horn. Will have to do some research on Dark Shadows…

  2. Ah but the fog lends a very nice touch. In 2008 we were so socked in with fog that it was tough to shoot anything. This year I was wishing for a bit of fog to lend some atmosphere.

    Nice image and good work with the conditions.

    • David Patterson

      Ed… on the way there I was hoping for some special light, but the closer I got the more I realized that it was going to be foggy rather than a spectacular sunset. At that point I was ready to embrace the conditions. I have shot this lighthouse many times, and never before have I been able to get an image with the fog. It is very much growing on me.

  3. lilybug1960

    Very well done David. I love the mood of the image and is perfect for the lighthouse and it’s reason for existing.

    • David Patterson

      David… thanks. I still want to get a sunset shot from the other side of the lighthouse… all of the conditions have to line up for that one, the most important of which would be low tide and a special sky… maybe someday.

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