Camden Hills State Park


chsp10Continuing the theme of movement and the camera, I made more images on a recent camping trip to Camden Hills State Park.

In this first image, I especially liked how the definition of the trees stood out, but also how the colors in the foreground blended together. The foreground colors are a combination of different greens, reddish brown pine needles, and dappled lighting conditions on the forest floor. The larger version of the image is quite painterly.

To create these type of images, I first find a composition that I like – one that I think will translate well to this format. I then attempt to get a correct exposure with the shutter of my camera open for anywhere between 1/4 of a second and 1 second. I then experiment with moving the camera until I get a pleasing image.

Digital photography and the ability to instantly view the results is such a great learning advantage. The final image depends largely on the direction and speed of movement, along with what I choose to include and exclude from the composition.

In this second image made on the summit of Mount Battie just outside Camden, the early evening light was coming from the side and was pretty special. I was attracted to the depth created between the trees in the foreground and those in the background.

chsp6Hope you like these latest experiments? I am very excited to be heading out West to Yosemite, San Francisco and Big Sur at the start of August. Lots of photo opportunities to take advantage of for sure : )

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2 thoughts on “Camden Hills State Park

  1. karen comerford

    Wow,I can’t wait to share your blog with Shane. The photographs are amazing! I am completely inspired to go to Yosemite. So great to see everyone over Christmas- we must all stay in touch.

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