Stopping off on my way home…


1-23-14 schoodic1

It was a very cold day as I made my way home from down east Maine after a work meeting in Machias. The light was fading fast, but I decided to try and get myself to somewhere with a pretty view for sunset, and Schoodic was in just the right place. I literally raced here – obeying the rules of the road of course – and arrived in the nick of time about 15 minutes before the sun went down. When I hopped out of the car and started exploring what is considered the quieter part of my favorite National Park, it was extremely cold. At one point I nipped a finger while locking a tripod leg, but because my skin was so cold, I didn’t feel the pain that usually accompanies such an event. Anyone who has ever experienced a hungry tripod lock knows how much it hurts, so you can imagine how cold my fingers must have been! This particular Acadia location, known as Raven’s Nest, consists of a couple of semi-hidden rocky ledges hanging over the Atlantic Ocean. For reference, that’s Cadillac Mountain off in the distance across Frenchman Bay – nothing original here, but quite a view nonetheless, eh?

11 thoughts on “Stopping off on my way home…

    • David Patterson

      David… thanks. Anyone who visits this same spot and points their camera could make this photograph… but I DO SO like the view. Got a couple more that I like – this time looking back up the coast – I’ll share those later.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks… I appreciate the very kind words. I had high hopes of exploring more and finding something more original to me… but the dropping sun (and temperatures) limited the scope of my expedition this time.

  1. It may not be an original location but you certainly captured its beauty and essence. And I can’t count the number of occasions where I’ve arrived in the nick of time or nipped a finger with a tripod lock. Thanks for sharing the image with us.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Rick… I’ve got a nice big round blood blister to show from the tripod argument. Normally that would have hurt at the time, but my fingers were so cold I just about noticed that I had a problem!

  2. Bob and Jeanne

    One of the most beautiful scenes that I have ever seen, Dave. It really needs wider circulation. Send it to the Park for their use in advertising the beauty of Schoodic Pt. Daytime there is always a must for us, but this sublime moment….

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