It’s that time of year again…

3-20-13 oliver11

Someone likes the snow!

…where we reflect on the year that was, and choose our favorite images from the past twelve months. Our family welcomed a new puppy this year, and although Oliver has consumed much of my recreational time, I still managed to spend some time in Acadia with the camera. I enjoy the process of reflection. I also enjoy taking a moment to reminisce about places I’ve been, and sights I’ve seen. I never tire of spending time in my favorite national park, and along the way throughout the year, I made a photograph or two to remind me of what were often personal and intimate experiences. Not as prolific as in past years, I didn’t make the quantity of images I usually do. Maybe there’s a New Year’s resolution to be made which might ensure a more productive 2014? Though there aren’t many iconic and instantly recognizable picture postcard views this year, hopefully my favorite 13 images from 2013 are still distinctively Acadia? Oh yeah, and other than the golden-colored Oliver, my favorites from this year are all in black and white. If interested in seeing some high-quality landscape photography, check out the annual Jim Goldstein curation of imagery – here’s a link to the 2012 edition where you’ll be able to browse some seriously awesome work. Happy holidays!

BH Wonderland10 BW

Wonderland granite sculpted by the Atlantic

BH Ship Harbor2 BW

Withstanding the elements at Ship Harbor

9-7-13 acadia9 BW

Cairn on Cadillac

BH BHMarsh1b

View from Adams Bridge

3-24-13 schoodic5BW2

Incoming tide at Schoodic

12-8-13 Acadia2 BW

A glimpse of Old Soaker

BH Lophaus Point1 BW

Mitchell Cove – the quiet side

12-8-13 Acadia3 BW

The Ledges along the Loop Road

BH Wonderland19 BW

No way… fog on the coast of Maine?

BH Otter Point2 BW

Last light on Otter Point

12-8-13 Acadia11 BW

Shelter from the wind

Jack and Oliver Sand Beach2

Two of my boys enjoying Sand Beach

16 thoughts on “It’s that time of year again…

  1. To reflect is to delve deep into our souls, and to enjoy the reflection is a wonderful thing, indeed.
    Great shots…your black & whites are stunning. Oliver is always a charming subject, especially when he is running. The last shot of your sons is simply too beautiful for words. As for the quantity of photographs this past year, more is not always better. Merry Christmas, David.

  2. David,
    Michael and I seem to be of the same mind set. I love the ones of Oliver him running are always very enjoyable to watch and he is always happy to help you out in your photography, The Black and Whites have been my favorites all year yes of course I love the colors too but the black and whites are stunning and composites and sites are fantastic as always. Your 13 photos you choice are the ones I would have chosen if I had a vote if that helps…I love the boys at the end it gives your collection the human element also but then again you always have that I think. Have a wonderful new year and a great day tomorrow with all your family.

  3. Time for an exhibition methinks…..I particularly love Last Light at Otter Point, the light and the pine silhouettes; beautiful! But, of course, your two boys pic…. 😛
    Merry Christmas to you too!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks. Jim does a great job every year compiling this list, and as always, there are a ton of great photographers on the list. I believe Jim’s list simply reflects the order in which the entries are submitted, and this year, I just happened to send mine in early 🙂

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