Me and my awesome sandwich


One of my favorite spots in Acadia – “Raven’s Nest” – is almost secretly tucked away in the much less crowded but ever so beautiful Schoodic portion of the park. I saw a grand total of one car in Schoodic tonight, and for those of you who have frequented the more popular Mount Desert Island part of Acadia in August, that might be hard to believe! Despite a large cloud bank near the western horizon, some high wispy clouds did their best to make me smile. Me and my fine deli sandwich were perched on a pretty small ledge about 60 feet up for about an hour as the light slowly faded, and although the surf tonight was rather benign, I can’t think of a better way to spend some quality time in my favorite national park.

PS. For those of you interested… from Dysarts… turkey and swiss cheese on homemade white bread with mustard, mayo and green peppers… yummy.

17 thoughts on “Me and my awesome sandwich

  1. Sounds like you had a nice peaceful evening on the Peninsula! David the ‘Ravens Nest’ is indeed a special place, I stumbled onto it late last month on a trip to Acadia.

    Dale J Martin

    • David Patterson

      It was indeed a peaceful evening. I set my camera up and watched the light change. Raven’s Nest is a cool little spot that most people drive right by (probably a good thing). As I’m sure you noticed, the terrain is pretty fragile in and around there, not to mention the significant drop off for those not paying attention.

  2. Another mural. Really wonderful, David. How many images do you get/like on this evening?

    Checked out the browser site too. Pretty intriguing – looking at options for Ruth’s website in November when our contract with GoDaddy is up.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Rick. How many photographs I get on any given adventure really depends on where I am and what the conditions are like. I do like to look around for different perspectives, different angles, use different focal lengths, and pay attention to the light as it changes. I noticed the high clouds in the late afternoon, so I figured it was worth me hopping in the car and hoping the conditions come together. Sometimes it “clicks” and you see compositions better than at other times, but if I come away with one or two that I like, then I’m usually pretty pleased. Having said that, on this occasion I very much stayed put in one place, making a series of the same photograph – just with different light… see next post for those 🙂

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