An incidental sunset


While waiting for the Supermoon to appear, I had a chance to once again enjoy my favorite trail in some soft, late day light. The South Ridge of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park never looked so good, and here are a couple from what was a very relaxing evening. A blustery day was clearing out, and you could almost reach out and touch the fast-moving clouds.

18 thoughts on “An incidental sunset

  1. These are just wonderful!! Peaceful, easy feeling. I am amazed at how quickly clouds move “in and out” over the island. Although last week, I wasn’t sure they were EVER going to leave. But then a day like today comes and you forget that it was ever cloudy.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Carol. It is especially cool to experience the fast-moving clouds when up on Cadillac. Sometimes you are literally right in them… neat. Today was a gorgeous day, but I won’t spoil the mood by mentioning the forecast for the rest of the week. Oh well, when it does finally settle down everything will grow like crazy from all the rain 🙂

  2. I wonder, David, how long does it take you from getting there., because nearby our home there are no such great views. On the other hand distances in Amerika are not an issue for getting somewhere. In Belgium a 100km drive is already far away from home. If you drive 250km you’re on the other side of this small country. That makes me a bit jealous.
    Wonderful images again.
    I like the first one a lot.

    Grz. Mark

    • David Patterson

      Mark… growing up in Ireland, I totally understand what you mean about the distances. Here in the US it doesn’t seem to matter so much. It takes me anywhere between 75-90 minutes to get to where I want to be around Acadia… a distance of about 50-60 miles… I’ll let you convert that to kilometers 🙂

      The first photograph in this post is growing on me. There is so much going on in the scene that initially I wasn’t sure if I liked it. The reflections in the large rain puddle were pretty cool.

  3. Inspired and pretty

    Superb photos David ! I love the first photo with the clouds reflecting in the calm waters, it’s a pure beauty ! Of course the others are amazing too.

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