Underwater Adventurers


Granny and Grandpa’s pool might not seem that big, but for our two intrepid underwater adventurers it was like an ocean playground. A year ago Jack was still a little hesitant to be in the pool without holding on to someone for dear life, but just look at him go now!

As a parent, it feels good to see him display so much confidence in the water at such an early age. With Sam, we were just a tad bit lacking in supporting his truly learning to swim, though thankfully over the years he has developed a pretty decent appreciation of the water all by himself.

Goggles adorned, they would take a few deep breaths before setting off underwater in search of the “toy-pedoes” they had planted on the bottom of the pool. Jack would wrap his arms around his big brother, and together they would glide down and through the water, staying under the surface until they had either retrieved their treasure, or one of them needed to catch their breath. With the stifling New York summer temperatures making the days almost unbearable, it actually became difficult to get them out of the water. Our underwater adventurers…


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