As a family we had the good fortune of visiting the magnificent Yosemite National Park last summer. Yosemite is a place like no other, and even though we had heard tales of the beauty we would see there, we were all totally amazed to witness for ourselves what is a remarkable and spectacular landscape.

Sam just graduated from high school, and when asked what he would like for a present, he was pretty emphatic in his desire to travel west to see Yosemite again. When we left the park last summer I think we each had the feeling we would be back, but little did we know it would be so soon.

Last summer we spent the majority of our time in Yosemite Valley enjoying the icons – and the crowds. We had a wonderful time exploring along the Merced River and bending our necks to soak in views like Yosemite Falls, Half Dome, Bridalveil Falls and El Capitan, but all the while there we couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to escape the hordes of tourists and get up into the high country… this time we will.

On this trip we are incredibly excited to be spending most of our time up along the Tioga Road and especially around the Tuolumne Meadows area. At 8,500 feet, the temperatures at this elevation should be moderate and bearable, but it is the promise of experiencing the higher sierra that has us really anticipating our visit.

The image above with Half Dome standing large in front of Clouds Rest was made on a perfect summer evening from Glacier Point. Looking back up Tenaya Canyon toward the high country, you can’t help but sense the wonder of what must be a spectacular and unparalleled wilderness. Can’t wait to see it for ourselves.

We are currently researching and planning how we can squeeze every last ounce of Yosemite into our trip, so if you know of any must-see hikes to add to our itinerary, please share in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Yosemite

    • David Patterson

      PJ… thanks. Standing at Glacier Point, we had some amazing pink light as the sun went down, and I had been shooting like crazy with my 17-40mm at the wide end. I wasn’t quite getting what I wanted, so I threw on a longer lens and it was then that I knew I had something I liked. The little crown of rocks in the distance – I think it is Echo Peaks – absolutely fascinated me, and the longer lens really brought it into the frame.

      Sam and I will be in California July 15, and I think it would the understatement of the year to say we are both VERY excited. Any advice for special places to visit in the high country would be appreciated 🙂

  1. Roberta Horne

    Tuolomne Meadows is our favorite part of Yosemite. Expect cool temps at night, even in July and possible thunderstorms. Young Lake is a day long hike to an alpine lake and Dog Lake is a short hike. Sliding on the rocks…waterpark style…on the river is great fun, although the water is a bit chilly from the snow melt. Brings back great memories…

    • David Patterson

      Roberta… thanks. I was just looking at the area of Upper and Lower Young Lake and wondering how cool it would be there. Safe to say we are both very excited about our upcoming trip.

  2. lilybug1960

    Incredible image David. It has been too many years since my last visit to Yosemite. I look forward to seeing your next trip.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks David… we are looking forward to the upcoming trip, especially since we will be venturing into country we have not seen the like of before.

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