Hurricane Video from Acadia


Following up on my last post about how Hurricane Bill violently glanced the Maine coast, I am posting some video here of the waves as they crashed on shore at Acadia National Park. Unfortunately several people were injured and a young girl killed when a big wave crashed ashore about half a mile down the coast at Thunder Hole an hour earlier.

My son Sam shot this video with his new Panasonic Lumix TZ5 camera. I think he did a really nice job capturing the incredible power of the massive surge that literally pounded the Acadia shoreline giant wave after wave. It is pretty cool to have him interested in photography and along with me on photo trips. He has a really good, natural eye for composing an interesting photograph, and I am looking forward to seeing him learn and progress.


2 thoughts on “Hurricane Video from Acadia

  1. Bob

    Who would have thought that the waves would not only cover where we sit, but go right up to the road where you were standing. Are you moving back in the video? You all were fortunate to have been there.

  2. David Patterson

    I have never before seen the waves even come close to reaching the Loop Road. On this day they were massive and very threatening.

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