Beech Cliffs in Acadia


Ever since visiting this scene in the summer when everything was lush and green, I have been thinking about returning to see how the fall foliage might look. On this particular occasion I wasn’t able to get here until mid-morning, and by that time the sun was already fairly high in the sky, with any chance of soft, warm light long gone. I still think that being here just as the sun rises might be pretty spectacular, with the rocks and foliage bathed in early light and the killer ocean views offering a nice backdrop.

The Beech Cliffs are over on the quieter side of Acadia, and you can climb up to this point from a trail that starts down below at Echo Lake. However… I’m not one for heights, and since my time was somewhat limited today, I decided to take the easy route and drive there. Passing through the picturesque village of Somesville while driving toward Southwest Harbor on Rt. 102, you will see a sign to make a right onto Pretty Marsh Road, and about a quarter of a mile further you will then make a quick left onto Beech Hill Road.

In early summer there is a gorgeous field of Lupine right on the side of the road before you reach a parking lot that holds maybe a dozen cars… well worth a stop. The Beech Cliff trail from the parking lot to the view in these photographs is only about a third of a mile, winding through beautiful, deep forest terrain before suddenly bursting out onto the high cliffs. On this day the views were remarkable, though I can’t help wondering what first light might bring… maybe worth another trip.


St. Sauveur and Flying Mountain


During our two week stay in Bass Harbor we got into a routine where we picked out a local hike to do in the morning before the temperatures got too high. We explored three really enjoyable and similar hikes pretty much on back-to-back-to-back days… Acadia Mountain, the Ledge Trail to St. Sauveur, and then Flying Mountain.

Each of these hikes was fairly short in duration, but they all had moments when they required more than a walk. We liked the variety of terrain on each of the hikes, and as with every trail we tried on the quiet side of Mount Desert Island, if we saw half a dozen people on our travels we would have considered it crowded. A nice vigorous hike and then a sandwich from Sawyer’s Market… hard to beat!

Looking for Lupine


I have always looked forward to mid-June when the Lupine in Maine come to life. Serious gardeners often disparage this hardy perennial for its ability to overwhelm a planned garden space. Me… I love the swaths of deep color that appear along the roadside at this time of year, and I have long been searching for a nice composition that includes these beautiful flowers.

On our camping trip to Acadia National Park this past weekend we spent a really nice evening, free from the already increasing crowds in Bar Harbor, along the quiet shore at Seawall. As we made our way past Southwest Harbor and through Manset, this pretty scene presented itself. Needless to say I started drooling, stopped the car and enjoyed the view.