Picture Postcard


I know… another lighthouse! What can I say, they are easily accessible in the middle of winter when much of the countryside around here is buried in snow and ice.

Portland Head Light is probably one of the most photographed scenes in America. As you can see, if offers a wonderful view, even in the less than favorable light seen here. No big surf to add drama to the scene, but I liked how the clouds in the background – and the snow in the foreground – added some depth to the view.

We were heading down south to visit family over the weekend and stopped off to spend the night in Portland. When we got up on Saturday morning the sun was shining very brightly, and since we had a little bit of time to kill, we decided to take a run out to Cape Elizabeth and Fort Williams Park where the Portland Head Lighthouse can be found. A brief snow squall had just blown through the area, the wind was howling, and it was very, very cold!

There is a four feet high chain-link fence all around the cove you can see in these photographs, and it wouldn’t take much to hop over it to get a more original composition with the jagged rocks in the foreground. However, I have never been one for breaking the rules, even if there didn’t appear to be any signs telling me to stay behind the fence. My conservative attitude toward exploring the surroundings meant that I settled for the iconic… and safe… picture postcard view.