Enough of the landscape stuff…


1-26-14 oliver14

Heeeeeere’s Oliver! It was so cold when we walked the golf course on Sunday, the shutter button on my camera literally froze. Seriously. Before it did though, I managed a few snaps of my baby boy. He’s already 16 months old, though in these photographs I can still see glimpses of the cute little puppy we brought home just over a year ago. He amazes me every single day with the amount of joy and affection he has to offer, and I wonder just what we did to deserve such unconditional love. The least I can do in return is take him to the golf course and let him run off his leash. Like most dogs, he loves tennis balls and sticks… give him either, and he’s one happy boy!

For those interested in the semi-technical stuff… Canon 5D II in A1 Servo mode with a 70-200mm f4 lens mostly at 200mm. The camera finds dealing with the snow quite challenging – it usually tries to tone the brightness down and leaves a darker than normal image – so I intentionally set the camera to overexpose by half a stop to ensure a more accurate exposure. I bumped the iso to 200, and chose a shutter speed of at least 1/500th second (fast enough to freeze even the quickest Golden Retriever). Then it’s just a matter of throwing the stick or tennis ball, and when he fetches and eagerly runs back toward me so I can repeat the process, I position myself down on one knee at his eye level and snap away.

Every now and then I get a good one 😉

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The rest of the kids…


11-21-13 maggie

I can see how the Oliver lovefest going on for the past year might lead one to believe that our other two kids are no longer with us, but just to prove that they are in fact still part of the family… here’s a little shout out to Maggie and Chester. Our best girl Maggie will turn 16 in February, and the baby boy Chester just turned two last May. Maggie and Barney (deceased) joined our family way back when Sam was in kindergarten, and Chester was a rescue from a couple of years back. These days both spend most of their time indoors and upstairs, and as the day winds down, they’ll both cuddle in with Jack as he reads before bed.

11-21-13 chester

Baby it’s cold outside…



Oliver got to experience snow for the first time today. Here in Maine we woke this morning to a couple of inches of heavy, wet snow, and although we weren’t sure how he’d take to potty breaks outside in the frigid temperatures, we needn’t have worried at all… he loved it! His little nose was buried deep in the snow looking for whatever it is he is always looking for, and he had very little desire to come back into the warm house after doing his business.


He’s a funny little thing… he plays hard, very hard… for short periods of time, and then he crashes and sleeps incredibly soundly. When he’s ready to go outside again he’ll hop up and walk over toward the door… good boy. When sitting and working at my desk, Oliver will curl up at my shoeless feet and the two of us will provide each other with some warm, cozy lovings. He looks so peaceful, I sometimes feel as though I have to check to make sure he’s still breathing! So far, the wool blanket you can see here is one that he doesn’t automatically start chewing on, so it has officially become Oliver’s blankie.