Doing a 180


Standing on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean at Pemaquid Point in winter, there were huge waves breaking just behind me, so I studied the pattern for a while to make sure I wouldn’t be surprised. The clouds overhead were cruising by at speed, and I was especially interested in using my ND filter to extend the length of the exposure and capture the effect of their movement. In what felt like 40 mph winds, I could hardly keep my tripod steady – which is kind of important when creating long exposures – so I used my body to try and shield the tripod, and I kept one hand on it constantly to add some weight and stability. As I was making the photograph above, a little birdie told me to turn around 180 degrees and see what was going on in the opposite direction. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the moment while photographing a pretty scene, but I always try to remember to turn around and appreciate the entirety of the landscape. So… two views from the same spot… just 180 degrees apart.

And for good measure, here are a couple more examples of what are probably pretty familiar views – each with it’s counterpart at 180 degrees: